What is NAILOG semi-cured nail strip?
NAILOG is a new type of nail strip made of real gel nail polish. It is easy to apply, comfortable to wear, and most importantly gives a long-lasting thick and polished soft gel nail finishing.

NAILOG collaborates with artists and designers around the world to curate different nail art collections, combining with this new soft gel nail wrapping technology, which enables a hassle-free self-manicure experience.

What comes in an order of NAILOG set?
Each NAILOG set includes 1 sheet of 20 nail strips, 1 nail stick, 1 nail file, 4 prep pads and 1 piece of seal sticker.

What does seal sticker used for?
We suggest you to use immediately after unsealing the package. After usage, put the gel nail strips back to the film container and seal it with the seal sticker.

How long does NAILOG last?
Up to 14 days! Please have your nails properly cleaned and cured for at least 60 seconds with the LED UV lamp. 

Is NAILOG product cruelty free?
Yes! All NAILOG products are cruelty free: this means we do not test on animals at any stage of product development.

Is NAILOG product vegan?
Yes! All NAILOG products are vegan.



How do I put NAILOG on?
It just takes 5 easy steps to apply your NAILOG strips.
Simply clean your nails, select the correct nail strip, apply the gel strips, cure with LED UV lamp & file off excess. Learn about our application process here.

How do I remove them?
Simply peel them off whenever you want. You can use the wood stick to help you. Learn about our application process here.

When is the next product launch?
Very soon! Sign up with your email address to get the latest updates.