Get Your DIY Manicure

Want a fresh manicure without having to fork out a fortune? We have the solution! Our semi-cured gel nail strips are an innovative, time-saving alternative that won’t break the bank, and leave you looking ultra-chic for up to 14 days.

3-Step Effortless Application

  • "These are high quality"

    I have been used to the nail polish strips for a long time. I have a gel nail kit here at home that uses LED light. I was curious about the semi-cured nail trips. NAILOG offered a UV light with the purchase of the nail strips, so I thought I'd try them. I am VERY surprised at how high quality they are and gorgeous to boot! They are thicker than the nail polish strips and will stretch a little bit. They fit my nail beds better than others I have tried. Going on 2 weeks with NO chips or lifting! I think they are made of concrete!!! LOL

    - Judith

  • "Stop going to the nail salon!"

    I was the girl who every 2 weeks would get a gel mani. Did it for 5 years. After a new nail salon and horrible nail fungus almost destroyed my nails I stopped going. I hate polishing my nails. Plus after one or two days its chipping. I loved the durability of gel and how long they lasted. Saw an add for semi cured gel nails. Why not try them?? I bought an LED lamp and gel top coat. OMG!!! These are even better then a gel mani!!! Super easy to apply. Gel top coat and in 90 seconds done. Start to finish took about 30 mins. They lasted 2 weeks. No chipping. No lifting. When I did take them off I didnt have to soak them. Just scraped off. No damage to my nails!!! Another bonus is for $30 a month I can do my nails. Half of what I was paying! I will never get another gel mani anyplace but my house!!

    - Stacey

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