A Letter from Nailog Team

I still remember every little detail that happened on the night of May 22nd, 2021. We checked all the product information, images, and links on the website, then clicked the “PUBLISH” button on the up-right corner of the screen at 11:58 pm New York time. Then we raised our champagne glasses, cheered each other, and drank it all. That was the night NAILOG - as you happened to know it today – was born. A challenging yet tremendously rewarding journey had begun.

What on earth were we thinking? Did I seriously quit my full-time job earlier for the dream of launching our brand?

I guess, it was a time in our lives, when we needed more, much more from life itself. We felt compelled to embrace new challenges, the unexpectedness, growing faster, the feeling of embarking on a different future, one with meaning, at the same time, to be freer and more daring. All of these were written in the DNA of NAILOG through our product, design, and communication. We needed to extract them, stretch them, update them, and bring them with us on our NAILOG voyage. It has not always been easy, and we met with many drawbacks along the way. We learned a great deal at each step we took. We laughed, cried, hesitated... but through our PASSION, and MOTIVATION (You gave us that motivation!), we started to move mountains, and we continued.

I have been for many years a nail art lover. I know how much a beautiful manicure can help elevate a woman's self-awareness and confidence. With a glimpse of the colors on our nails, we almost immediately feel stronger and different than usual.  As we always say in NAILOG, “nail polish is the only beauty product one can see on herself without looking at the mirror.” Therefore, we wanted to create the product and experience for customers like ourselves, to feel different, elevated, and ready for change. When I received an IG message from a mother of 4 telling us how appreciated she was as our product helped her get her nails done the first time in 7 years, that she felt like a woman again, I knew we did the right thing, and we would continue doing this.

I would like to take the chance to thank everyone who visited our site, shopped our products, and shared feedback with us.  It’s always in our mind every time when we create a new design or answer back to a customer’s email, that we shall be authentic, inspiring, and pleasant, as we share a piece of the moment of someone in this world. These little moments of your life spent with us keep us full of life. And I sincerely hope there will be more and more of these moments, which will eventually make NAILOG not only a brand logo on the box but also a real loving and caring community.

Back to the beginning of this letter, 2 days after we launched the website, we received our first order from a customer named Charlotte, after whose name we took the honor to name one product of our Autumn collection in the memory of this beautiful event along the journey.

Kristin, Kiki & Chow

Written on the day of NAILOG 1st anniversary


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