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The 5 Tips For A Stylish Pedicure We Love This Summer

It's summertime! It's time to put away the boots and bring out the sandals. It's the perfect time to brighten your toes with a pedicure touchup. Here are our best tips to make sure your pedicure is on fleek this summer. 

1. Metallic Texture

When it is hot outside, open the windows, if not then let's add some coolness to your pedicure style with a metallic finish.  

White Pedicure Strip from Nailog
Beige Nude Pedicure Strip from Nailog

2. Neon Colors

All the neons have bright and vivid undertones. Neon colors like red, green, orange, and yellow are the perfect choice for summertime so why not add them to your pedicure style? 

Neon Green Pedicure Strip from Nailog
Beige Nude Pedicure Strip from Nailog
Image by ​​Jil on WeHeartIt

3. Cool Shades

This summer, we're seeing more and more blue and purple on our feet. It's a fresh change from the typical reds, pinks, and corals that dominate pedicures in the warmer months. It's all about cool colors with some patterns added for extra flair.

Aurora Pedicure Strip from Nailog
Blue and Green Pedicure Strip from Nailog

"Some of the best memories are made in flip-flops."

Kellie Elmore

4. Pink Summer

Pink is a feminine and cute color, and it is perfect for summer. You can wear it for a girls' afternoon tea gathering or a beach day. A heart shape pattern makes it even cuter.

Pink Heart Pedicure Strip from Nailog
Pink Pedicure Strip from Nailog

5. Glitter Accent

Glitter highlight nail glams up your feet for the summer. You can always mix and match silver/gold glitters with any other colors for an eye-catching pedicure style. It sparkles beautifully under the sunshine or moonlight.

Purple Gray Pedicure Strip from Nailog
Black Pedicure Strip from Nailog

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